What is your company name and area of expertise?

Our company is called Tiny Houses Revolution and we specialise in designing and constructing tiny houses for individuals who are interested in moving away from confined and westernised housing. Although tiny houses are a huge change from the contemporary styles of living, with our Tiny House builds, it is still possible to maintain the level of luxury and comfort you have in a fixed house with the added benefit of mobility!

Our team of competent designers, architects and building crew are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction by ensuring that your custom build is constructed to the strictest of quality standards.

We offer 3 sizing options for tiny house builds - 200, 275 and 350 square feet. An upgraded furniture package is also available for ease and "move-in-ready" convenience. The obvious benefit if this package is knowing that you will receive furniture that is fitted and suitable for your specific tiny house build.

What sets your business apart from your competition; why is your business special?

Our business is set apart from others because many home design companies only offer the more traditional housing designs. We, on the other hand, will create a digital, computer floor plan of your house design. We also offer fully furnished tiny homes for an extra fee of $10.000, which will include all necessities such as a bed, table, chairs, a couch and all appliances. As a result of the minimal space within tiny homes, all furniture will of course be multipurpose.

All furniture will be purchased from Front Porch Interiors, a local store in our town, as an effort to support the community and it's local businesses.

The idea behind the Tiny Houses Project:

The Tiny Houses Project is a multi-channel housing project that is aimed at enriching traveling experiences, make housing more accessible and affordable and will revolutionize real estate market ownership.

Where will the business be located?

The Tiny Houses Revolution Head Office will be located at:

1 York Road, Hounslow Central Hounslow, TW3 1LA England, United Kingdom

The location for the Tiny Houses Revolution Farm will be located approximately 30 miles from London, in the vicinity of Reading, Berkshire.

The Tiny Houses Revolution Retreat Centre will be located in London for the purposes of public rentals and vacation stays. However, the Retreat Centre’s are planned to be an international project with locations spanning globally in South Africa, Brazil and St Lucia.

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