NFT Inclusions

Our NFT will include Tiny Houses designed to combine practical living and stylish comfort. The modern tiny house will be manufactured with a trailer to allow maximum mobility so that you may take your Tiny House with you, wherever you may go.

Our NFT includes a wide range of perks and utilities, such as free stays at the Retreat Centre's, entry into the THR Lottery to win a physical build, and rental discounts. THR NFT holders will own the rights to the 3D design of their chosen NFT, and will also receive royalties.

Moreover we'll share with you a description of this FUTURISTIC tiny house:

This luxurious Tiny House designed to combine practical living and stylish comfort, measuring approximately 2.5 meters by 4 meters and 7 meters high. It has a white wooden kitchen with a beautiful view of the outside, with a comfortable dark blue shaded sofa on the side and a dreamy loft that can fit a king bed and home cinema with large screen TV.

As a futuristic Tiny House, it is equipped with solar panels that takes the shape of an angled roof, artificial intelligence set up inside the house, a lithium powerwall home battery, a rainwater harvesting system and a lot more! Living in these accommodations means lower bills, a smaller carbon footprint, and a friendly house to nature.

"Modern tiny house with a trailer that you can drag it with you wherever you want , self sufficient and a friend to nature, cladded with black wood as an exterior facade which makes it harmonious with the environment and gives it a modern look at the same time."

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