Travel 3.0

THR WEB 3.0 puts you at the center of the travel experience, providing the travel website with Crypto Rewards that accrue through a blockchain-based tokenomics system.

What THR WEB 3.0 adds to the experience is the ability to pay with any major cryptocurrency, as well as cryptocurrencies listed on the top Decentralized or Centralized Exchanges.

Welcome to the Travel 3.0 Experience, Beta version which will be launched in the Spring of 2023. You’ll get the best prices, the easiest payment options, and loyalty rewards that are measured in cryptocurrency. Watch your THR tokens accumulate over time through DeFi capabilities and Hold THR to enjoy upgrades and premium membership. Gain amazing reward bonuses when you redeem your rewards for travel and experiences.

THR Travel is committed to providing top level experiences and travel packages and the absolute best rewards system in the industry.

Our roadmap is ambitious and focuses on both investors and users. Our primary objectives are expanding the THR Coin ecosystem to as many businesses as possible, and increasing the market value of the THR Token.

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