Pawel Raczkowski

There are unlimited designs and options when building a tiny house, that is why we have an in-house architect who will assist with the design process.

We don’t just supply standard fully built tiny houses, 95% of our custom builds are fully bespoke and are designed by our clients to suit their needs.

Dream it. Draw it. Build it .

Tell us about your custom build tiny house idea We’re here to make your dreams a reality, by sharing with us your inspiration pictures, be it from Pinterest, google or wherever. Upload CAD designs or drawings or simply give us your requirements and we’ll get our team of architects to work. We’ll give you a call or email to ask for more information, kicking off your free consultation process.

What We Like

β€’ Customers can choose a framed house and complete it themselves

β€’ Off-grid options are available

β€’ New Frontier uses top quality interior and exterior finishes

β€’ Features luxury amenities like a full-sized shower and walk-in closet

β€’ Homes range from 120 to 375 square feet

"With Tiny Houses Revolution, I want to change the direction in which the real estate market rapidly goes towards, which makes us become the nation of renters. Currently, the housing industry is ruled by landlords and bankers. In my experience, they have very little regard to what happens to people who can't afford to buy a Β£300,000 flat or sustain a Β£2,000 rental. There are solutions that allow for more people to have the comfort of homeownership and I truly believe that Tiny Houses are one of them."

- Pawel Raczkowski

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