Tiny House Revolution Token Utility - THR Token

Customers will only be able to purchase our Tiny Houses Revolution NFT's with THR Tokens.

These tokens will be the only form of crypto that will be accepted.

Holding/Staking Tokens

THR NFT's can be purchased directly from us at discounted prices - Is the token tied to product usage, i.e. does it give the user exclusive access to it or provide interaction rights to the product?

You can use tokens to book your dream holidays.

You can help people or yourself to create your dream business.

We are planning on hosting a lottery for NFT Holders and THR Token Holders in which they will stand a chance of winning a brand new Tiny House build.

To maintain exclusivity, we will follow a token buy-back policy in which excess tokens will be burnt. Proof-of-Burn will be provided.

By reducing the number of tokens in supply, we make the tokens that remain in circulation rarer, and thus more valuable.

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