NFT's and the future of tiny house

The usage of NFTs via Blockchain technology would be very beneficial for purchasing and selling tiny houses. Primarily because each transaction may be made without a large number of third-party businesses. With the proper infrastructure in place, NFTs and blockchain technology may be used to secure a transaction between a buyer and seller, transfer ownership, guarantee new ownership, execute escrow, and transfer funds used to acquire the tiny house.

Consider tiny house titles that link ownership to its NFT, which secures and proves ownership, permits proof of history indicating previous owners, age, certificates, etc., and opens up different of new options.

Here at Tiny Houses Revolution, our vision is to create Tiny Houses that run on natural, renewable and sustainable energy sources. We are planning to incorporate many innovations into our Tiny House designs in order to achieve this.

Some of the innovative projects we are working on include, but are not limited to:

  1. Vertical Wind Turbines

  2. Solar Roof Tiles

  3. Lithium Batteries

  4. New Shower Heads for Lower Water Consumption

  5. Water Extractors and Filters

  6. Space Saving Furniture

  7. Incineration Toilets

Our NFT includes a wide range of perks and utilities, such as our free stays at the Retreat Centre's, entry into the THR Lottery to win a physical build, rental discounts. THR NFT holders will own the rights to the 3D design of their chosen NFT, and will also receive royalties.

Our tiny houses retreat will give you the opportunity to relish the beauty of the UK nature side and disconnect from the urban noise. This is why those who purchase our NFTs will be able to stay at our tiny house luxury retreat for two days totally free of charge! Holders will be entitled to two free days annually.

In addition to two free retreat days there will also be a whopping 60% discount on any future bookings. As we want to give back to those supporting us and those within our Tiny Houses Revolution community, those who purchase our NFT will be invited to our social events free of charge, including our party farm. These events will give us the opportunity to further meaningful relationships within our community.

Holders of our NFT will also be given the opportunity to pre purchase some of our innovative products, such as our lithium batteries, for the manufacturing price. Purchasing our innovative products at manufacturing price could save you up to 80%. We will be holding a lottery that will see us give away a tiny house. This tiny house will be personally delivered to your chosen address by Tiny Houses Revolution CEO and founder Pawel Raczkowski.

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