Our Story

We are enthusiasts of Tiny Houses and sustainable living and strongly believe that we will be able connect NFT's and Tiny Houses into a modern way of everyday travel & living.

The project founder and CEO of Tiny Houses Revolution, Pawel Raczkowski, is based in the UK and has years of experience in digital marketing, project design and property management. He has already designed and built a prototype of an original Tiny House which is unique as it is on wheels and features a flexible interior layout and space-saving furniture.

The idea behind the Tiny Houses Revolution project is to mint Tiny Houses Revolution exclusive NFT's which will serve as digital keys for holders to gain access to the Tiny Houses Revolution community and events. We are planning to build a farm and Tiny Houses workshop which will facilitate our NFT community and to bring like-minded people together to unite them around what they love.

The NFT owners can enjoy the benefit of different utilities of the Tiny Houses including discounted stays, royalties and access to future events.

We have the road map of each stage of the project to keep the project realistic and achievable. Tiny Houses Revolution plans to capitalise on the building of tiny houses in conjunction with the 4 company pillars to increase the intersection between tiny houses and NFT's. This will be the cornerstones of engagement and lifestyle within Web3.

We will continuously adapt, innovate and seek the advice of the community to introduce these next-generation products to the masses.

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